The Divas produce a wide range of corporate communications both for internal and external use including safety, training, showcase, induction and internal videos

Training Videos

BCX Curve Ball

This 3 minute clip shows how a training concept was reworked to include an actor as a BCX employee to explain an internal support system and using a sports analogy to engage employees.

Event Videos

Anglo American Mining Indaba

The Divas have covered Anglo American’s role at the Mining Indaba in Cape Town for the past few years. This involves covering the build of the stand as well as interviews with key executives during the Indaba. Most of the AV’s delivered involve overnight turn around for use on social media.

Industrial Videos

Orange Cable Ship

The Divas spent 3 days on the cable ship Leon Thevenin, at sea off the coast of Cape Town, covering 24 hour operations of cable retrieve and repair. The crew operated under stringent safety restrictions.

Showcase Videos

Al Prodgers Constructive Conversations

The Divas produced a showcase video for one of South Africa’s top comedians’, mc, scriptwriter and corporate facilitators, Al Prodgers.

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